We are happy to offer you our transport services all around the Europe

We know how to transport every type of products

From a regular letter to 10 pallets up to 1200 kg

Fast cost calculation

We calculate cost of our services for you in a few minutes

Personal help

To provide our services including all wishes of our client is the main goal of a company

Online calculation of costs

With our calculator you are able to define the cost of your order by yourself! Try it and you will save your time!

Help 24/7

We have our specialists available 24/7 to help our customers

Delivery in terms

Main goal of a company is to deliver your order in time showing the best quality is guaranteed

International transport all over the Europe

We are specializing in a road transport all over the Europe. Safety,  time and professional way of providing business  are our main features when we operate your order. Online monitoring of transport: Do you want to know exactly when a car with your order will come to destination? – All you need is to launch an access to localization of a car. Our insurance includes wide range of products means we guarantee a full safety of our clients property. Every delivery comes in time! Choose our services to find how our specialists control the delivery 24/7 making impossible the order to be delayed. Deep knowlendges of specific issues of every countru in European Union and many years of experience gives us a skill how to precisly calculate  a real delivery time and a proper transport to optimize costs.

Particial load transport

In our international transport dept. we serve particial load offers. We will offer the best solutions for you, will take the order in time and will deliver it very fast.

Express, dedicated and delivery services

We use our own trusted subcontractors database for express delivery services. The number of transporter companies we usually cooperate with is around 300 that gives us near to 6000 cars available in the EU that is why we can insure our clients we can take their order from them in 60-120 minutes with low price of delivery.


International spedition is our new type of services we offer to our customers. Using our experience of providing international transport services we opened a spedition department. Job of our speditors consists of organizing delivery of orders including individual willings of each customer and taking care of all obligatory formal issues so orders are able to be delivered abroad. We are taking all responsibilities cause decisions we make has a big influence on a proper work of our clients. Cooperation of spedition department with department of transport leads to success of our work in every step of the order. As a transport & spedition company we are able to forecast and prevent every situation during the delivery and solve it according the law of the EU. 


Our Transport

Small Transporter

Dimensions 160 x 120 x 120 cm
Carrying capacity up to 400 kg
Number of pallets 2
Landing Back or sides

Medium Transporter

Dimensions 320 x 130 x 160 cm
Carrying capacity up to 800 kg
Number of pallets up to 4
Landing Back or sides

Big Transporter

Dimensions 420 x 220 x 220 cm/450 x 220 x 250 cm
Carrying capacity up to 1000 kg
Number of pallets 8-10
Landing Back or sides

Transporter with lift

Dimensions 450 x 220 x 250 cm
Carrying capacity 850 kg
Number of pallets up to 9
Landing Back or sides